From the Archives: Popular Kids’ Apple Print Craft by Martha Stewart

We took a deep dive into the Martha Stewart Kids Magazine archives to find popular arts and crafts projects that kids will love. This easy, fun, and creativity-inspiring apple print craft is the perfect fall activity (and is teeming with early-2000’s nostalgia!). We linked up with photographer-mom Kat Dierick @kat_pdx and her artistic kids to get their take on this seasonal craft.

If you and your little ones give this craft a try, we’d love to see! Tag us in messy, paint-covered photos and apple-stamped masterpieces on Instagram @guidecraft_official.

Instructions for an easy craft from the Martha Stewart Kids Magazine archives (Fall 2001):

A is for Apple Prints

When you see an apple and eat it up, you’ve just devoured a wonderful paint-stamping tool. Half an apple, dipped in candy-colored paint, can be stamped on all kinds of things: lunch bags, canvas totes, notebook covers, and more.

Be sure to make an apple for your teacher!

What you’ll need:

  • Apples
  • Markers or fabric markers
  • A medium-sized paintbrush
  • Acrylic paints
  • Something to stamp on (like paper, canvas, etc.)

How-to make apple prints:

  1. Cut an apple in half from top to bottom.
  2. Use a paintbrush to apply acrylic paints evenly over the cut side of the apple.
  3. Stamp on the surface of your object.
  4. Use paint, markers, or fabric markers (depending on where you are stamping) to draw stems and leaves.

Paint halved apples to make the perfect stamp!

Note: The more the apple is used for stamping, the less vivid the print will be, so be sure to reapply paint, or use the other half, perhaps with a different color. Use black or green markers or paint to draw stems and leaves.

Special tips from @kat_pdx:

  • Cut slices from the halved apple pieces to create an easy-to-grip handle for little hands. Plus, then your child can make stamps from the smaller pieces as well, creating different shapes and visual interest in their projects.
  • See what other images you can make using the apple print shape. Use different colors, draw on different details, and see what other ideas come to mind!

Tip: Cut slices out to create an easy-to-grip handle.

Create a designated space for seasonal art print crafts and art projects all year long

Kat uses the Martha Stewart Kids’ Art Table and Stool Set in Creamy White to create an all-in-one art space for her daughter. The easy-to-clean table is perfect for messy projects like this one that require paint and provides plenty of room for children to spread out and make life-sized creations. Storage bins keep art supplies nearby for whenever inspiration strikes.

Keep their art supplies organized and accessible with an all-in-one art table like the Martha Stewart Kids Art Table and Stool Set.

Complete the space with a drying rack from the Martha Stewart Crafting Kids collection or an art display bar for damage-free drying in smaller spaces. Versatile storage for art supplies and other play materials is another great option for keeping play rooms organized and ready for play.

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