Early Learning Skill Builders

Early Learning Skill Builders

Young children will develop and strengthen their fine motor skills using Guidecraft’s wooden manipulative toys. Kids will learn through stacking, building and twisting brightly colored, easy-to-hold pieces. Choose from a variety of educational toys that will aid in your child’s development.
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Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes Set of 6

Peekaboo Boîtes à Verrouillage Ensemble de 6

$69.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Grippies Builders - 30

Constructeurs Grippies®

$39.95 Original Price
Nombre de pièces
Guidecraft 3D Feel & Find

Toucher et trouver 3D

$21.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Screw Block

Bloc à vis

$14.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Grippies Shakers - 20

Agitateurs Grippies®

$34.95 Original Price
Nombre de pièces
Guidecraft Flower Pot Sort & Match

Trier et assortir les pots de fleurs

$34.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Tactile Search and Match

Recherche et correspondance tactiles

$34.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Peekaboo Sound Boxes

Boîtes de son Peekaboo

$26.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Nest and Lace Shapes

Formes de nid et de dentelle

$24.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Jumbo Geo Lacing

Jumbo Géo Laçage

$59.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Grippies Stackers - 16

Empileurs Grippies®

$34.95 Original Price
Nombre de pièces
Guidecraft Geo Shape Lacing

Laçage en forme de géo

$29.95 Original Price