Lauren’s Learning Lab

Lauren Magee — mother of a 3-year-old, 7-year-old and 9-year-old, architect, and educator — has recently found herself in a situation familiar to parents around the world, with her children distance-learning indefinitely due to the outbreak of COVID-19. To help other parents navigate this new set of challenges, Lauren and her family have decided to document their journey and home transformation through Lauren’s Learning Lab. Throughout the series, Lauren will offer her unique expertise gained from years of teaching, serving on school boards, and designing classrooms and schools worldwide as the Director of Architecture and Environmental Design at Guidecraft.

Lauren Magee and FamilyLike many other parents, I felt wholly unprepared to have my three young children home from school indefinitely and am figuring out day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, how to balance their needs with the other demands of work and life. Drawing from my experience as an architect and former educator, I’m hoping I can design my way out of some of these challenges by creating a home-based learning environment for – and with – my children.

Each episode of Lauren’s Learning Lab will address a different topic related to supporting children’s cognitive development and social-emotional growth and will include research-driven evidence and methods of teaching inspired by the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches. Invited guests on the series will include renowned early childhood educators, specialists and authors so that a wide breadth of expertise and information may be shared with parents eager for professional advice.

Her years of professional experience as an executive level architect, her role as an associate professor of architecture at Drexel University and Illinois Institute of Technology, her recent tenure as an elected school board member and her current work with students and teachers at all levels combine to enrich her inspired approach in the design of learning environments.

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