How to Encourage and Support a Child's Love for Reading


Instilling a lifelong love for reading is an important part of a child's intellectual and social-emotional development. Through a few easy choices, you can support your child's interests, encourage them to read, and create invitations that provide meaningful learning experiences and possibilities for play. 

Make Books Accessible

Accessible, easy-to-reach shelves invite children to choose what they want. Using front facing shelving that’s just the right size for kids creates an invitation. A book storage option like the EdQ Book and Bin Display allow children to view the covers of each available book and independently choose something that interests them. The EdQ Rotating Book Display 3 Tier is another good option. Children can interact with the shelf and spin to find whatever book they would like to read.

EdQ Book and Bin Browser

Set up a Cozy Area

A comfortable area will invite children to snuggle up with a favorite story. Create a cozy corner using a bean bag chair, warm blankets, and soft bins or baskets filled with books. Cushioned furniture like the EdQ Reading Nook with Bins, the Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids’ Corner Nook or the Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids’ Reading Nook are beautiful, functional, high-quality options to include in any children’s playroom or bedroom.  

EdQ Reading Nook - White

Martha Stewart Storage Bench

Martha Stewart Reading Corner

Pair Books with Coordinating Toys and Activities

Create an inviting themed shelf using books, toys, stuffed animals, crafts and learning materials to keep learning and excitement happening long after the last page. Using an open or divided shelf like the EdQ 2-Shelf Open Storage with Bins – 30” or the EdQ 2-Shelf 5-Compartment Storage with Bins – 30”, set up provocations to enhance whatever lesson you are trying to present to your child. Nature-themed books can be paired with toys like Branch Blocks and natural loose parts. Ocean-themed books can be paired with toys like Coral Connections or stuffed animals of favorite ocean creatures. Books about cars and trucks can be paired with a set of Snap Block Vehicles.

EdQ 2-Shelf Open Storage With Bins


EdQ 2-Shelf 5-Compartment Storage With Bins

Select Books that Support Your Child’s Interests

You can follow your child’s lead in selecting books and choose books on topics such as emotions, food or nutrition, seasons, animals, bugs, cultures and more! Starting at the library is a great free way to get a load of books that can be changed as your child’s interests change. Favorites can then be purchased and permanently added to your family’s collection.

Books With Seasonal Themes

Create Routines Around Reading

Creating a bedtime routine using calming books is a great way to wind down together and create a positive association between your child and reading. Reading the same books to your child repeatedly helps them to further develop their language and gain confidence in being able to predict what happens next.

Reading in bed

Go to the Library Together

Weekly or monthly visits to the library and participating in library activities help to foster a continued interest in reading. Teach your child how to look for specific books and how to scan and checkout their books.

Checking out books at the library
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