Introducing Block Science

Introducing a new kind of block play: Block Science.

Our entire Block Science system, which debuts this year, is created around physics to harness the energy of play. It is designed to be used with all standard unit blocks and every set includes Concept Cards, or visual cues that show the correlation between the world we live in and how we can shape that world and the related concepts using the Block Science system.

The Foundation Sets exercise early engineering concepts, collaboration, and the study of matter, motion and mathematics. Plastic building and roadway clips stabilize builds, drawbridges and loops to enable taller, sturdier and movable tracks and builds. Simplified, wooden cars with plastic wheels easily glide across the solid wood tracks while carrying algebraic people designed for mathematical and dramatic play activities.

This pioneering extension of the unit blocks system adds a rich layer of cognitive development to traditional classroom block play. To see samples of the Concept Cards, or for more information about the Block Science Foundation Sets and corresponding Unit Blocks Sets, please visit our Block Science Inspiration Page.

Sherry Artemenko, founder of Play on Words, an award-winning speech therapy site where Play Advances Language, experienced our Block Science system first-hand at the New York Toy Fair. To watch her review, please click here.

If you would like to shop our entire Block Science system and corresponding products, please click here.

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