Happiness is…an IO Blocks building party

During the month of May, 100 families and teachers all over the US threw building parties with children and students eager to discover a new open-ended construction toy. We sent each of them a tub of IO Blocks along with a handful of building cards and tracker pads to use with our free IO Blocks interactive building app. We couldn’t have hoped for a better response. Here is what just a few of them said about IO Blocks.

“I could see these used in a classroom, a makerspace, a daycare, and at home. Teachers could use them for puzzles, engineering, and teaching concepts like symmetry.” – Mrs. Fletcher, Franklin Elementary

“I also loved that we used the blocks for more than just building. We did color sorting with my youngest and then built towers of each individual color. For my oldest I used them as manipulatives so she could see division in action. We have really enjoyed them the last few weeks.” – Girlsinwhitedressesblog.com

“My kids have really liked them, and while I know they are still a novelty because they are so new, my kids have been excited to show their friends when they come over, and they usually play at least an hour with them.” – Kirsten

“IO Blocks have an app (IO Blocks), which will walk you through the steps to create …You select a project and train your phone’s camera on a printed sheet. The image will pop on it for you to manipulate through the steps. I’ve never seen anything like it! Children see the blocks as raw pieces of fun just waiting for them to interpret.” – Nona

“We ended up with a neat zoo full of colorful animals! But that’s just the beginning of what kids can create with IO Blocks — they can also make vehicles, robots, and so much more.” – Susan

FYI- We just updated the app this month to improve functionality and to include builds for IO Blocks extension sets coming in June. Check out the newest version on iTunes.

A big thank you to our friends at Tryazon for setting up so many parties to help us introduce IO Blocks to the world!

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