Guidecraft’s PowerClix® Magnetic Toy System Wins Top 2015 Oppenheim and Parents’ Choice Awards


Guidecraft is delighted to announce that its magnetic building toy system, PowerClix®, has earned top 2015 toy awards from two distinguished toy review organizations. 

PowerClix® has won:

 The Parents’ Choice Gold Award, their highest award, is given to the highest quality, most appealing products in their genre. Criteria for judgments include the highest production standards, universal human values and a unique, individual quality that pushes the product a notch above others. 
 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has given its prestigious Platinum and Snap Awards to the entire PowerClix® system, including Solids, Frames and the new Organics. The Platinum Award is given to toys that represent the most innovative, most engaging new toys of 2015. The SNAP or Special Needs Adaptable Product Award is given to 2015 toys that can be used by or easily adapted for children with special needs.

Here is what the toy experts say about PowerClix®:

Parents’ Choice Review of PowerClix® Organics: Guidecraft’s PowerClix® Organics 74-piece magnetic building toy puts straight lines to shame. The exquisitely translucent colorful pieces are tempting to look at and irresistible to touch. In short, “Resistance is futile.” The magnetic shapes exude a kinetic quality, adding life and energy to the structure, creature, or organism young builders create. There are large shapes the size of a small saucer and others that are three inch arcs, offering design opportunities and complexities that make for fascinating play. The click of the pieces is satisfying, the connection sure footed. A remarkable gift for builders, sculptors, scientists, art lovers and their families.

Oppenheim Review of PowerClix® Organics: Colorful translucent plastics in interesting new magnetic shapes give kids a new range of possibilities for creating some amazing constructions with 74-pieces in eight different shapes. There are instructions for reproducing some 3-D constructions and following those pictorial instructions will challenge kids to stay with a task and use visual clues as they hone their eye hand skills. But it’s not just about reproducing a model. These pieces allow for discovery and open-ended creations. This is one of those STEM toys that gives children hands on experience with symmetry and spatial concepts and will be interesting to both girls and boys.

Oppenheim Review of PowerClix® Solids: A 70-piece set of translucent magnified pieces in geometric shapes. These handsome pieces are an invitation for kids to explore creating new shapes and forms. It’s a more open-ended kind of building material that can be used to make abstract designs rather than heavily representational art. Kids are likely to reproduce what they see on the back of the box or in the creativity guide, but hopefully, before long they will try inventions of their own and learn about symmetry and balance in a hands-on unique way. This set, unlike others in the collection is designed for the younger players and all magnets are embedded inside the plastic for safety. 3 & up.

PowerClix® has been so well received in both the consumer and educational markets, that we have some exciting plans for new PowerClix® products in 2016!

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