Grippies® are the ultimate STEM toys for toddlers

Unique in concept and design, Grippies sets are the best way to safely introduce toddlers to STEM principles through play.

See first-hand how you can jumpstart toddler STEM skills in this video featuring a young family opening their first box of magnetic Grippies and discovering the joys of building! Who will your toddler be?


The ultimate addition to our STEM building toy systems, Grippies® are uniquely designed for toddlers’ hands to easily grasp to begin to introduce them at a very early age to the basic concepts of magnetism, engineering and geometry. These textured, colorful magnetic rods and balls, curved pieces, transparent windows, and stackable pieces combine tactile exploration, magnetic play and provide a fun, rewarding experience as kids first discover the joy of making a 3-dimensional object all by themselves.

When asked about teaching toddlers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, Gary Bilezikian, President of Guidecraft said, “It is never to early too introduce fun toys to children that just happen to teach them valuable concepts while they simply play.”

There are a variety of Grippies® sets available, each able to be used as a stand-alone set, while also seamlessly integrating across the collection.

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