Early Learning Skill Builders

Early Learning Skill Builders

Young children will develop and strengthen their fine motor skills using Guidecraft’s wooden manipulative toys. Kids will learn through stacking, building and twisting brightly colored, easy-to-hold pieces. Choose from a variety of educational toys that will aid in your child’s development.
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Guidecraft Mix and Match Stacks

Mix and Match Stacks

$24.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Grippies Waves - 12

Grippies® Waves

$44.95 Original Price
Piece Count
Guidecraft Grippies Curves - 20

Grippies® Curves

$34.95 Original Price
Piece Count
Guidecraft Geo Puzzle Board

Geo Puzzle Board

$19.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Form Sorter

Form Sorter

Guidecraft Counting Tree

Counting Tree

Sold Out

$29.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Count by Color Cylinders

Count by Color Cylinders

$24.95 Original Price
Guidecraft Count and Twist Shapes

Count and Twist Shapes

Guidecraft Circle Sorter G526 04

Circle Sorter

$19.95 Original Price