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What is TEAM?

TEAM is the union of geometry and psychology to create social emotional understandings of community and self in preschool aged children.  TEAM is centered around a social emotional digital platform where multiple children can play games and participate in activities which strengthen relationships, instill teamwork and increase their emotional intelligence and empathy. The activities are delivered on a 32 inch interactive screen with an on board microphone and camera and stands on a rolling base.


The TEAM platform and lessons are broken down into 4 Units: Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, Messages. Each unit has 5 lessons, an accompanying game and either a song, a story or a gross-motor activity. Related teacher tips, pre and post assessment and online cloud-based analytics are built into the comprehensive platform.


The TEAM platform includes:

4 Units – Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, and Messages
20 lessons, 20 games, 6 songs, 7 stories and 7 gross motor activities total
Related teacher tips
Pre and post assessment
Online, cloud-based analytics

  • TEAM Page
  • TEAM Page
  • TEAM Page

The platform crosses from digital to associated tangible products further supporting the TEAM solution. Kai Kai, Xin Xin are two huggable plush dolls with removable facial features and are featured in TEAM stories. Colorful translucent Discovery Shapes support fine motor skills and sensory exploration and are featured in digital TEAM games as well.



Explore Corresponding Products


Discovery Shapes

Discovery Shapes delight children and adults alike with their opaque, chunky shapes and matching textured tiles.


Geo Boards

Explore different colors, shapes, and beginner geometric concepts with this engaging Geo Boards set.


Kai Kai & Xin Xin

How do I feel? How do you feel? Let Kai Kai and Xin Xin help students express how they’re feeling.



This set of four mirrors is perfect for helping children recognize their emotions and encouraging sensory experiences.