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The Catalog Concepts

Guidecraft endeavors to reveal the connections between nature and conservation, fine arts and geometry, creativity and play through the eyes and work of a new fine artist or in partnership with a non-profit environmental organization each year. The resulting work of this exploration and effort is then curated for the cover of our new catalog at the start of each year.

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Guidecraft and the Coral Reef Alliance

A conversation to support conservation through recycled material and organic play patterns…

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Guidecraft and the World Forum

An art experience using All About Me, Block Play People to connect children from around the world…

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Patipat “Tae” Chaiwitesh

With weaving, kids can build their patterning skills through the repetition of process. When we design patterns…

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Heidi Lanino

To begin the lesson, I showed the students a book about shapes and geometric abstraction by Sonia Delaunay..

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