The Art Lesson 2020 - Guidecraft Kids’ Furniture and Toys

The 2020 Guidecraft catalog cover A conversation to support conservation through recycled material and organic play patterns

Children learn essential life lessons from the world around them and Guidecraft strives to foster organic, authentic connections to that world and beyond through play. These connections to nature provide children with stronger, healthier and more holistic opportunities to learn, transform and develop.

Based upon the beauty and allure of coral reefs, each pliable piece of Guidecraft’s newest ecosystem-inspired building toy, Coral Connections, highlights the natural wonder of the ocean. In the hopes of providing meaningful connections to nature and conservation and encouraging eventual stewardship, Guidecraft has implemented the use of recycled plastic materials into the organic shapes and sea creatures in the Coral Connections sets. Varying shapes, colors and textures provide children with the opportunity for artistic expression while the responsibly sourced materials inspire thoughtful building experiences and conversations about everyday materials’ influence and effect on the vast oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

Through charitable donations, Guidecraft supports the preservation and protection of our world’s precious coral reefs.